GDC and 1, 2, 3

Artist Tip of the Day: Spring cleaning doesn't have to be just your living space. It's often a good idea to tidy up your hard drives, websites, or cloud space. If you have the extra time, be sure to also clear your mind and enjoy the sun in your space.


Where to even start... I attended the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year in San Francisco, and it was a fantastic experience. Days one and three had perhaps one shining moment that made the day worth while such as getting a critique from Riot Game's concept artist Bo Lu and listening in on a panel about Killer Portfolios and Portfolio Killers featuring five top industry artists. Day two was by far the best in terms of portfolio reviews, networking, and possible job opportunities. More to come on that, so we'll see what the future holds.

In other news, I've been getting extremely busy with commissions and print orders. With those alongside homework and springtime competitions/internship applications to submit, I'm afraid I'll have to hold off any further orders till the summertime. One of my goals is to get an online store operating be it Etsy, Society6, or some other web service. I'll have to research into that.

Besides that, tomorrow is my official last day of spring break then it's back to classes until May. Wish me luck, and keep on the look out for more artwork on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more!