Confidence and Passion

Artist Tip of the Day: The two features that attract people into wanting to have any sort of relation with you are confidence and passion. If you're confident in who you are, what you're doing, and show your love of passion for said subject, really who wouldn't want to be around such positive energy and enthusiasm?


Today, I got to meet up with a friend for lunch. We talked about all sorts of things: primarily the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and business with art. She commented on how I seem to have a great handle on the business end of art, and somehow we got onto the subject of job interviews, etc. I told her there are two ways to win people over: show confidence and passion. I'm serious. I've seen too many people (not just artists) who I would comment saying their work is amazing. The response I would get back is often times "Oh, well it's not really done... I just did it super quick..." or the the infamous "Oh gosh, this thing? Yeah, umm... yeah I'm sorry it looks so bad. I'm still working it out, but yeah, right now it's just junk."

You see what happened there? This not only shows lack of confidence in yourself or what you're doing, but you're also indirectly telling the person who just complimented you/your work that their compliment isn't valid or appreciated. Personally, I like knowing my comments or opinions are valued and appreciated, and certainly the last thing you want to do is try to break ends with someone who may not only love your work or personality, but also may become a potential client or more. So the next time someone compliments your work, thank them. Here, let's make this a small game. I'll introduce a scenario where you're complimenting a person, and they'll have two options. Determine for yourself which response you'd like to hear from that person.

Random Person: Oh wow! I really love what you did. It looks cool!
Option A: Oh.... you think? I don't know, it needs a lot more work and it's not done yet. I feel like I'm just really messing it up. It's not good right now.
Option B: Thanks! Yeah, I'm still working out the roughs, but it's a fun challenge. If you want, I can share with you the final version so you can see how it looks in the end.

Not only does option B sound more confident in their work, but they're inviting the viewer to come back to see the final version. It's remembering to show your viewers you care, and that you want to share the experience with them.

As for passion, it's hard to not get excited for someone who is comfortable with expressing how passionate they are about said subject. Chances are if someone is excited about a passion, you'll want to find out why they're so excited about something that may not immediately interest you. Not only that, but that person would be more than thrilled if you're willing to give them a chance to show you why. This is how great relationships start.

Technically, this talk should also include how happiness and being comfortable in your own skin are also key, but I feel both of those fall right back to confidence and passion. Love yourself, what you're doing, and don't be afraid to share that enthusiasm with others.

How does this fall back into business? People love people who are confident and passionate. Marketing yourself as someone who is essentially a fun person to be around make for a good reputation. This attention goes towards fellow artists, friends, potential clients, etc. Business isn't as scary as most take it on to be; it's just recognizing clients are people who are interested in what you do. Now go out there, and be proud! :)