Rediscovering Tradition

There are only two options: make progress or make excuses.
— Anonymous



The blog will now be updated EVERY TUESDAY @ 9AM as oppose to its typical every month schedule. That means more tips, inspiration, and adventures from yours truly. Also coming up is DragonCon 2015! The lineup of artists is looking astronomical this year, so I can't wait to share the followup right after. 


For several months now, my Wacom Intuos4 has been giving me issues. Messing with brush settings while painting, drawing when I'm not drawing, lags, you name it. These issues would occur every 2-5 minutes repeatedly. I'm working with Wacom Customer Service to hopefully find a solution. You can imagine working with interruptions every 2-5 minutes, even if minor, can easily break your creativity and work flow. So I've actually had difficulty with wanting to paint anything. And for a while, I did stop. And it felt terrible, but I thought "I can't draw because my tablet is not working properly." 

It was honestly until a few nights ago I realized I had a paper and pen. That's how I used to draw all the time: pen and paper. Having worked for so long on digital, I actually forgot about traditional mediums and how my roots originally started. I was honestly shocked and frankly embarrassed of myself. So I decided to do a few master studies, then variations of the studies (making them my own design), and after purely my own ideation. Let me tell you, I haven't felt that inspired or felt that much joy in making art for a long time. Actually feeling the marks you make against the grain of the paper, manipulating how the ink travels and flows across the page, it was brilliant and missed. 

Certainly I'll need to get my Inuos4 fixed at some point for digital commission purposes, but I'll dedicate more time to traditional mediums. Whether you work digital or traditional, learn from my mistakes and don't make excuses. Only you can block your own path from improving and getting where you want to be.