How to Deal with Worry and Overwhelming Moments

Listen to the lyrics in this song as you watch the video. No spoilers in this video unless you haven't seen up to season 1, episode 52 titled "Jail Break". 

I just finished watching a recent episode of Steven Universe, a coming of age story of a half-magical, half-human boy finding his place in the world, and my boyfriend turned and told me "this is your episode". I knew exactly what he meant, but I made sure to meditate on his words before sharing my thoughts with you all.  A musical segment of the episode called "Here Comes A Thought" is posted above.

Life will often find ways of throwing curve balls at you. If you're like me, you're ambitious and hold lots of expectations for yourself. When any of these moments don't go in a direction you intended or life throws you that ball (or both), everything can seem a little overwhelming. More often than I'd care to admit, I'd get fixated on these moments and would allow them to dictate how I feel. Is this common for people? Yes, in fact many people go through these feelings. What should you do when this happens? Take a breath, gather yourself, and work towards overcoming those moments. 

Easier said than done, right? Actually, it is. It doesn't seem like it most of the time because we are the ones going through the moment. The only people who can make you truly get overwhelmed or worried is yourself. Can elements of your life add onto stresses, or can others affect you to become worried or overwhelmed? Yes, but it is entirely your choice how you want to deal with those stresses be it work, people, money, the future, or something else entirely. 

When you allow moments to dictate how you handle life, you start to lose control of your life which ultimately creates more stress and confusion to the point you don't know what to do. You begin to work slower, have less focus, find negatives, and after repetition you start to head down a winding spiral where you just feel lost. And the further down you go, the more you lose yourself, sight of others, and reality. It becomes that much harder to get back up. 

However, from the very beginning we have full control of how we want moments to affect us. We can get upset or angry, but we can also take a moment to breath and reflect how to best approach things. If you're overwhelmed or worried, recognize there's never a bad time to pick yourself up and move forward. Every step forward is a good step, no matter how long it takes. 

If you have a plan and are working towards achieving your goals, that's awesome! Be cautious of letting time become a reason for worry or stress. Truthfully, if you're moving forward you'll reach your goals faster than if you stand still and worry. My boyfriend's favorite quote that drives him (and has been slowly affecting my way of working) is from talented animator Ted Ty, "Shots don't animate themselves." 

We often need to remind ourselves that we're not alone in our battles. Some of you have support from family, friends, teachers, even an entire community of people who share the same passion and likely the same struggles as you. Most importantly, you have yourself who supports you. There's a moment in all of us where our younger self decided "this is my dream, and I'm going to pursue it." Remind yourself of your dreams and work towards finding a solution. Realize how far you've come, and how much you've grown. There is at least one person in the entire world who believes you can achieve your dream and that you're making great strides. Have faith in yourself. 

If the path were easy, it wouldn't make for a great story. Always remember that you're the hero in your own story, and your experiences and decisions shape who you are. 

Try to relate the hero's journey to your own life. Have you overcame any struggles or hardships? If you haven't, perhaps you're in the middle of your journey right now.

How do you or your friends deal with overwhelming or stressful moments? Do my words help you analyse your life, and how you can pursue a more positive and productive lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below.