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This commission page is meant for illustration(s) towards the general community; whether it's to decorate your office space, present as a gift for a special occasion, or just to have your vision/character come alive. Please do not refer to this page for company orders, visual development or project-oriented commissions. Contact me via email at, and we can discuss your commission order further. 

My prices are usually set at a flat rate, but can vary based on the intricacy of the piece. I will happily draw plants, animals, humans, anthros, monsters, robots, etc. I may draw tasteful nudity and some gore, but the context really depends- if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always open to answer questions that haven’t been covered here.

Please take note: I reserve the right to refuse a commission prior to payment should the client prove uncooperative, or belligerent. I do not tolerate being treated rudely, and expect to be able to discuss commissions appropriately.

On a similar note, please reconsider if you are commissioning me with the intent to have me ‘reproduce’ the artwork of another artist. Please hire the original artist you're wanting reproduced. With that said, if you're wanting work 'similar' or 'inspired by' a certain person or subject, feel free to send me a message. If you are confused about options, feel free to ask for clarification. I will let you know if I have an appropriate commission slot for you.

Please send a message to with the title 'Commission' if you are interested in ordering a commission. 

Standard Commissions

All work completed in my personal style. Prices of commission types listed below are not eligible for stage/process checks.
Receive digital file only; no shipping.

Sketch (digital) Speed Painting (digital; color) Ink (traditional) Watercolor (traditional)
Head Shot: $20 Head Shot: $30 Head Shot: $75 Head Shot: $150
Half Body: $35 Half Body: $45 Half Body: $95 Half Body: $170
Full Body: $70 Full Body: $85 Full Body: $125 Full Body: $225
Added One Color: +$10 Added Simple Background: +$12 Added One Color: +30 Added Simple Background: +70

Custom Commissions

(digital file or physical; shipping may apply)

For custom commissions not listed below, please feel free to message me and we can discuss your commission/project further. Want it framed, matted, or both? At this time, I only do limited sizing, custom framed work for prints. All prints will be signed. To see custom framed work readily available, please visit my Etsy Shop

Payment is required prior to beginning each drawing. In the case of large illustration options ranging from $100 and up, only half the payment is required up front, with the other half being provided once I am ready to release the drawing. You will be provided with a lower-quality proof, and a high-quality image once the final payment is made.  I accept payment through Paypal, USD only. Please select NO SHIPPING on your payment if you're ordering a digital commission. 

You will be invoiced at the time that I have reached your slot. Failure to pay will result in the commission remaining incomplete past the sketch stage. Failure to meet the invoice deadline (I use a 5 day system) will result in the termination of your slot, unless we have previously discussed mitigating circumstances. Please get in touch if you think you will be away and require the invoice sent ahead of time, or need your slot to be rescheduled. 

Why do I use a five day system? Overdue invoices means that I have commissions that are sitting around unfinished or not yet started. Down the road the client may pay at a time that is inconvenient and suddenly I have a drawing that I did not anticipate fitting in to my schedule, or a commission being done with an outdated price-point. Additionally, waiting an extended amount of time to be given the go-ahead to draw a piece can cause issues. I appreciate your patronage, and encourage you to get in touch with me if you have concerns about payment. Life happens sometimes. 

At this time, shipping is only available for digital prints within the United States. If you only wish to have a digital file, refer to USAGE for additional information, and please select NO SHIPPING when paying through Paypal. If you want your commission to be printed or framed in addition to receiving a digital file, please email me at

If I cancel the commission, you are entitled to a complete refund. If you cancel the commission, you may be entitled to a partial refund. Refund is dependent on the status of completion.

For the larger commissions, I will provide thumbnails and a sketch for you to approve. This is the stage during which you should make me aware of necessary changes and additions. After you have approved the sketch, I will not continue to go back and excessively tweak the design after I have begun the final drawing. Any size requirements should be discussed before beginning on the final piece. I generally work at a minimum of 1500x1500 px with 300dpi canvas, but it may vary.

Please take note: Small commissions under $100 will not come with sketches to approve, unless previously arranged. If I do provide a sketch for review, I will not continue tweak it without further compensation. You will be made aware of additional charges if this is the case, and you can decide whether or not to proceed. I will initially make a maximum of 3 sketch reviews (price is included in the artwork) for a large illustration before beginning the painting process. Revisions on the sketch will result in a $5 per change; on the finished painting $10 per change. This is due to commission scheduling, as excessive correspondence takes away from time spent on existing commissions.

My art is not for commercial use unless an additional contract has been made and agreed upon. Credit must be used if you are going to re-post the art at any point. 

My art is not available to be sold by anyone but myself, unless we have a written agreement otherwise. I am not able to sell prints/products of artwork featuring your character, unless you have given me clearance to do so. If you request it, I can keep your commission private and not upload it anywhere but my personal website’s portfolio. Similarly, completion of a commission does not mean that the work will appear in my gallery. It is the responsibility of the client to save the commission, as I may remove it from social media at some point.